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Introduction of the centers

Laparoscopic Surgery Center

Coloanal Disease Center

Endoscopy Center

Health Promotion Center

Health Promotion Center

Hansol Hospital will protect your healthy life

Health Promotion Center

Comfortable and pleasant space for physical examinations

Our physical examination center, which boasts a size of about 4000 m3, establishes a collaborative system with endoscopy center, breast?thyroid?gland center, and laparoscopic surgery centers. Hansol Hospital has a comprehensive medical testing center for individual visitors and VIP lounges, designed to respect visitors’ privacy and to make each procedure or examination easier. In addition, visitors can enjoy various art pieces displayed at the center, which help our clients feel comfortable during the process.

Specialized physicians of Hansol Hospital

Physicians, who are ex-clinical professors with specialization in gastroenterology, general surgery, and radiology respectively, perform the tests and read the results. This professional process ensures greater accuracy. In addition, their know-hows based on clinical experiences make it possible to perform reliable one-on-one counseling and diagnostics for visitors.

Cutting edge medical equipment

For early diagnoses and prevention of various cancers and diseases, Hansol Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and facilities including low dose 128 MDCT, advanced ultrasonic devices, and endoscopic equipment. In addition, Hansol Hospital operates the RFID system, which enables us to manage the examination process for individual visitors and to minimize visitors’ waiting time.

Fast and systematic one-stop service

If any abnormalities are found from a visitor’s examination results, the visitor can be instantly counseled and treated under a fast and systematic collaboration process with related divisions. In particular, if a visitor’s endoscopic examination indicates the presence of polyps, polypectomy is immediately conducted. If gastric or colorectal cancer is found, Hansol Hosptial’s laparoscopic surgery team is instantly engaged to perform the surgical operation. If necessary, we can swiftly connect the patient with Samsung Medical Center and ASAN Medical Center so that the patient can be treated or have surgery at those centers.

Management of specialized physical examination programs

Hansol Hospital operates various physical examination programs sensitive to patient gender, age, and other individual interest. Exclusive coordinators introduce optimized programs suited to individual life style. Especially, Hansol Hospital performs thorough and a wide range of tests to examine patients for cancer of the digestive system.