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Introduction of the centers

Laparoscopic Surgery Center

Coloanal Disease Center

Endoscopy Center

Health Promotion Center

Coloanal Disease Center

Hansol Hospital provides customized treatments for each symptom and individual patients. Patients do not need to worry about pains and the possibility of recurrence.

Coloanal Disease Center

In 1990, Hansol Hospital opened with the ambition of completely curing all kinds of colorectal disease. In 1998, Hansol Hospital added the division of gastroenterology where we systematically practice EDS surgical treatments for early colorectal cancer which is related to colorectal diseases, intestinal inflammatory diseases, and defecation disorders.
We have accumulated sufficient experience and skilled know-how with over annual 4.000 successful operations on hemorrhoids.
The pain after the operation is minimized and the recurrence rate is reduced through the surgical method of removing only the ailing part and preserving the normal tissue of the anus as much as possible.
We are making efforts for the safe and rapid recovery of the patient by means of customized treatments which are fit to the individual characteristics of the patient.
In particular, female doctors of our hospital provide female patients with more delicate treatments, leading to greater satisfaction among patients.

Consulting areas

Hemorroids (Hemorroids, anal fissures, anal fistula), rectocele, pruritus ani, pilonidal sinus, rectal prolapse, condyloma, etc.