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About Hansol

Hospital Introduction

Mission & Vision



Jan 2013
Introduction of digital mammography
Apr 2013
Initiation of laparoscopic surgery for gastric cancer
Jun 2013
Introduction of 128 MDCT
Jul 2013
Opening of health promotion center for digestive system
Mar 2012
Performed a single port laparoscopic surgery
Awarded the grand prize for coloanal care as a global medical provider in 2012
Apr 2012
Establishment of Medical Institution Certification Implementation Committee
Aug 2012
Ward remodeling
Dec 2012
Appointed as a certified medical institution by the Ministry of Health & Welfare (as the first specialized coloanal hospital in Korea to receive this certification)
Mar 2011
President, Dong Geun Lee inaugurated as a chairman for the Korean Society of Coloproctology
Sep 2011
Began construction of the Digestive Organ Center (to be completed February 2013)
Nov 2011
Appointed as a specialized coloanal hospital by the Ministry of Health Welfare
Feb 2010
Recognized as a hospital with the shortest length of hospitalization for coloanal disease and rectal cancer in Korea (Announced by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
May 2010
Holding of the Mission & Vision declaration ceremony
Jan 2009
Introduction of electronic medical recording system
Mar 2009
Introduction of Endoscopic Ultra Sound (EUS)
Remodeling of Endoscopic Center on the 3rd floor of a new building
Jul 2008
Opening of Cardiology Department
President, Dong Geun Lee inaugurated as a chairman for Colon Disease Study Association
Dec 2008
Appointed as a hospital of excellence in practicing colon cancer surgery (Announced by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
May 2007
Opening of Breast & Thyroid Gland Center
Nov 2006
Opening of Varicose Vein Center
Jun 2005
Introduction of Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and Order Communication System (OCS)
Jul 2005
Appointed as a specialized medical institution for surgery/colon disease by the Ministry of Health & Welfare
Oct 2003
Holding of the 2nd Hansol International Symposium (PPH: Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoid)
Nov 2003
Success for the laparoscopic bariatric surgery
Mar 2002
Opening of Endoscopic Hernia Repair Center
Nov 2002
Introduction of capsule endoscope
Feb 2001
Opening of Laparoscopic Surgery Center
Mar 2001
Holding of the 1st Hansol International Symposium (Laparoscopic surgery for colon center)
Nov 2000
Introduction of CT
Dec 2000
New building expansion
Mar 1998
Moving of Hansol Hospital and opening of a newly constructed building (Opening of Digestive Organ Center)
Apr 1998
Operation for rectal cancer and colon cancer
Jan 1994
Introduction of anal and rectal ultrasonic system (Performed an ultrasonic examination on the anus)
Apr 1994
Introduction of galvanic and performed a video defecogram
Mar 1991
Introduction of Nd Yag laser and electronic endoscope (Performed the first laser operation in Korea)